Nabil Bank introduced ‘Nabil Dhukka Ghar Karja’

KATHMANDU - With an aim to fulfill the dream of owning house, Nabil Bank has introduced "Nabil Dhukka Ghar Karja, Nabil Bhaye Dhukka”. Under this scheme, Nabil Bank extends housing loans at stable, affordable and unmatchable interest rates for a loan tenure of 20 years to make the housing loan affordable.

In this scheme, Nabil provides two competitive fixed interest rate alternatives - 10.99% for 7 years and 11.99% for 10 years. “When it comes to housing loan, homeowners seem to be skeptical about the premium rate that they need to pay each month due to ever changing rates,” said Chadani Shrestha, Personal Lending Unit Head of Nabil Bank. “Keeping this in mind, we have introduced ‘Nabil Dhukka Ghar Karja’ in which homeowners can feel assured during their loan tenure for affordable fixed rates,” she added.

According to the bank, Nabil Dhukka Ghar Karja facilitates up to 70% financing for the first-time homebuyers, while others can take advantage of up to 60% financing with hassle-free loan process.

The scheme also complemented by the added advantage of free issuance of credit card up to Rs. 200,000. To avail this home loan, one can approach the nearest branch of Nabil Bank across the country.

Nabil Bank is one of the leading banks of Nepal. The bank has 265 branch networks with 298 ATM machine services along with above 18 million customer base across the country.