NDH brings Biryani spice spicy for Biryani Connoisseur

Kathmandu / Targeting Biryani Connoisseur,the NDH spice has brought biryani spices of various flavor and dish to the Nepalese market for the first time.

BIET has brought five different types of Biryani spices from the NDH brand, which is producing and marketing, to the Nepalese market for the first time as a Nepali brand.

The NDH brand has brought Biryani spices, royal Biryani spices, Biryani spices pulao, Chicken Biryani spices and Mutton Biryani spices to the market.

Kamal Singh, managing director of the company that has also started production and budgeting of Biryani spices in the NDH brand, was informed by the company that it was producing Nepalese organic spices to replace the expensive and quality spices in Nepal.

The company has indicated that the NTH brand, which is producing nearly 95 percent of indigenous raw materials, has been certified by the Department of Food Technology and Quality Control in Nepal, the U.S. FDA, India's GSWan, ISO, HSCP, Halal.

Nepal, as well as the United States, Japan, France, Australia, Canada, Dubai, Qatar, are exporting NDH spices. He said the spice was available in eight U.S. states with more market share.

The company has begun producing spices for five different dishes of Biryani, as complaints emerge that the real taste of Biryani is not available in most of Nepal's restaurants and hotels and that there is also a lack of suitable spices.

The company is expected to meet the Biryani spices that the company has brought in to make beans in their own homes, even for those who eat them. He has a favorite experience abroad as well as abroad, as a percentage of organic and herbivores are produced.

Food dish, developed in South India and the Middle East, is now available in various urban areas of Nepal, including Kathmandu.

Biryani, which originated in different parts of the world, has its own significance. In southern India, hyderabadi has evolved under the names - including Biryani, Iraqi Biryani, South Indian Chicken Biryani. In addition, Chicken Dam Biryani, Iranian Biryan, and Burmese Biryani are mainly dishes developed in various parts of the world.

The company has put the price of an attractive packaged Biryani spice at a 50g weight - Rs 55. Production of NDH brands produced by the industry in Kathmandu's aging industry is being distributed through dealers across the country. The company is now providing 55 different types of spices on the market. The company, which is providing direct employment to about a hundred people, has been producing spices in the pure Nepalese brand for 2073 years.