During Corona epidemic NCHL supports supported a total of over NRs 29.12 Million to the Government of Nepal

Kathmandu / Nepal Clearing House Ltd. (NCHL) has supported a total of over NRs 29.12 Million to the Government of Nepal and towards the banking industry during the pandemic situation. NCHL has pledge such support with complete waiver of the transaction fees, crowdfunding through it platform and direct donation towards the Corona Control & Treatment Fund.
With an objective to support digital payments during the current Covid-19 situation, NCHL has been providing uninterruptedservices of NCHL-ECC, NCHL-IPS, connectIPS, NPI and connectRTGS,corresponding to which it has completelywaivedthe transaction fees in all the systems since the lockdown, which is a direct contribution from NCHL of over NRs 23,409,243. And a crowdfunding platform has also been incorporated within connectIPS system as ‘Donate For Cause’, wherein the platform till date has already collected over NRs 4,019,448 for the Government of Nepal’s Corona Virus Control&Treatment Fund. Additionally, NCHL has donated NRs 1,700,000 at Government Corona Treatment Fund as a part of its social responsibility, out of which NRs 1,000,000towards the GoN’s Corona Treatment Fund and NRs 100,000 towards the funds created by each of the seven Provinces.
General public and the businesses are equally impacted by the current pandemic situation. Despite of the major impact due to the situation and having the transaction fees as the only major source of revenue, NCHL has taken a conscious decision to support the industry by providing a conducive environment of digital payments since the lock down. And NCHL remains committed to further facilitate the banking industry in every possible way for the fight against this pandemic.
NCHL is a company promoted by Nepal Rastra Bank, Bank &Financial Institutions and Smart Choice Technology Ltd. that was established to implement and operate multiple national payment systems in Nepal.