Shangri La Tours is appointed as the Agent in Nepal for "Treatment Possible in India."

Kathmandu / Shangri La Tours Private Limited is appointed as the Agent in Nepal for "Treatment Possible in India." Treatment Possible, through its representative Shangri La Tours, will help Nepali people get professional medical help in India at reasonable prices.

Treatment Possible has been serving people for over a decade and their service will ensure that Nepali patients seeking treatment in India are connected to the right doctors and hospitals at affordable prices. Patients will give their case files to Shangri La Tours who will send the details to India and a treatment strategy, with recommendations for doctors and hospitals along with tentative costs will be given by Treatment Possible, back to the patient at NO cost.

Once a course of treatment has been agreed upon, Shangri La Tours and Treatment Possible will work with the patient and their family to plan their trip to India including air transportation and stay. Once in India, Treatment Possible representatives will meet the patient on arrival, transfer them to the agreed accommodation of their choice, provide them with an Indian SIM card, and fix and escort patients to appointments with the doctors and the hospital on the day of admission. When treatment is over, Treatment Possible will plan for and arrange to follow-up doctor’s visits. When the time comes to return to Nepal, Treatment Representative will organize any medication, and transport them back to the airport.

Patients or their families can connect with Treat Possible in Nepal via Twitter STPL_Nepal via Instagram STPL_Nepal LinkedIn STPL- Indian Medical Assistance and Facebook STPL Indian Medical Assistance in Nepal.