PG Shoes Industries completes its silver year, commitment to expand into international markets as well

Kathmandu - Paragon Footwear Industries, a Nepali shoe manufacturing company of PG Shoes brand, has completed the silver year of its establishment from Sunday.

The company was established on June 17, 2055, which has been serving Nepali consumers with leather shoes and leather goods produced using Nepalese skills.

Managing director of the company Ramhari Tolang says that the company, which has been producing and selling quality leather shoes in Nepal since its inception, started most of the work by hand.

In the beginning, the products of the industry, which started with the production of 15 to 20 pairs of shoes, have now become nationwide. Paragon Footwear, which is directly providing employment to more than 100 people from the industry to the salon, and more than 350 manpower indirectly, is working to replace the imported shoes and go to export in the future and bring about a situation where customers do not have to look for foreign shoes, said Tolang, the managing director of the company.

Managing director of the company Tolang said that the institutional development and business continuity of any company will be established through the continuation of business based on sustainable market and local raw materials.

He said that Nepali shoes produced by Paragon Footwear by combining traditional technology and new technology are actually produced by taking into consideration the geographical difficulty and the purchasing power of Nepalese. Paragon footwear industry has been established considering the needs of ordinary citizens, employees, students, army, police, etc.

The managing director of the company, Tolang, said that the journey to complete the silver year of the company was possible because the common consumers have understood that Paragon brand shoes are not inferior to international brands in any way.

He said that the shoes made by Nepali hands are not only liked by the Nepali consumers but also by the foreign consumers. He believes that if the Nepali shoe manufacturing industries can introduce more new technology, Nepali industries will definitely be able to compete with foreign products.

He said that Nepali industries have a good future if they can produce attractive, cheap and good products keeping in mind the Nepali consumers and also paying attention to the international needs and preferences.

He said that because Paragan did not compromise on the quality of modern leather shoes and leather goods production, Nepali consumers now have a strong opinion that Nepali brands are cheap and good.