Laxmi Bank Customer Ashok Kumar Khati wins ‘EuroCup with Foneloan Campaign’

Kathmandu / Foneloan announced the winner of it’s3-week long‘Euro Cup with Foneloan’ campaign. Mr. Ashok KumarKhati, a Laxmi Bank’s customer was declared the winner and rewarded with a Samsung Smart 55”4K UHD TV.

The campaign started from 1stAsadh to 23rdAsadh and was open to loan applying customers through Foneloan of the five banks in network – Laxmi Bank, Kumari Bank, Nabil Bank, Citizens International Bank, and Mega Bank. Foneloan eligible customers had to avail the loan within the time period to get a chance to win. The winner was selected via Foneloan’s Winner Selection Software.

With this campaign, Foneloan promoted smart, paperless loans to its eligible customers and increase user engagement and awareness.

Loan application has always been a hassle for the customers. Particularly, small amount loans are not prevailed by banks in many cases as many elements are required for the loan processing such as: collateral and documentation.

Moreover, visiting bank multiple times during the loan processing has become one of the tedious activity most people experience. Considering all these factors, Foneloan, one of the revolutionary product in the Nepal’s financial market has made the loan process hassle free and convenient through digitalization.

Eligible customers can avail loan in their fingertips with just few clicks without any collateral, documentation, and no need to visit bank.

On today’s date, there are 5 banks in Foneloan network which is Kumari Bank, Laxmi Bank, Nabil bank, Citizens’ International Bank and Mega Bank. Due to the ongoing pandemic many eligible customers are encountering the financial crisis situation at the times of emergencies and in order to fulfill their needs and want. Hence, to support the eligible customers at the time of need, Foneloan encourage to take the loan and fulfill their needs and want without being worried about their finances.