Summer makeup: Light makeup should be done as much as possible

Sanjaya Nepal

Look for influencers to focus on. Beautiful and smiling faces attract everyone. Makeup also has a similar role to look attractive while making mistakes in makeup can have a negative effect on the skin.
Moisturizerand Primer:In the summer, the rays of the sun fall directly on the skin. So, moisturizer should be applied before makeup. Depending on the nature of the skin, a moisturizing primer, such as an oil-free moisturizer, should be used. Doing so will dry the oily skin and make the makeup look good. A primer should be applied after the moisturizer. It protects the skin as well as makeup. Another benefit is the long-lasting makeup in the summer. Using a primer also makes the makeup feel lighter.
The Crime Foundation: Liquid foundation is not suitable in the summer. Cream can be used as a foundation's shield, as it can last a long time in oily skin. Loose powder can also be applied to it. That makes the foundation last longer. It is best to do light makeup without using foundation while walking.
Waterproof and matte eye and lip makeup:In hot weather, only ghazals, iced as, mascaras, lipsticks etc. should be used for waterproof and matte. Light makeup should be done as much as possible. It is also advisable to choose a faded color when choosing a color. Glittering eyeshadows look light, pink, and orange can look attractive.
Use of the Concierge Concealer should be used well: It should be worn under the eyes and around the nose with the help of a finger. Then with the help of brass it can be applied to other parts too.

Makeup Mistake:
Makeup without moisturizer Most women do makeup directly after washing their face, which makes it difficult to discontinue makeup and makeup. So, it is important to use a moisturizer after washing the face so that makeup does not look ugly.
Use of dirty makeup brush the makeup brushes used daily are dirty and we are all doing the same dirty brushes. Brushes that contain sticky substances such as dust, oil or bacteria that cause allergies to the skin. So, clean the brush every week.
Do not blend when blown:The makeup gives a full look after using the blush on the cheek. However, if you cannot properly use the blossom then it looks much older than the actual age. If Blood Pink is a color blossom, it should be properly blended.
Concierge in the Dark Circles Concealer:Used to hide dark circles under the eyes does more than cover dark circles. So, you should use a collector instead. Make it look natural only when it is dark circles, make it look natural.
Forget the makeup wash:Remember to wash makeup before going to bed. Sleeping makeup overnight increases the amount of acne on the face. Various products used during makeup will close the pores, which can aggravate acne problems.
Makeup makes young:
Avoid Dark Colors: Dark colored eyeshadows should not be used to hide the wrinkle around the eyes. Wrinkle appears when using a dark color. Instead it is best to use a matte color iced. Wrinkle and dark circles are less visible in matte color.
Lip Color: As you age, the lips also shrink and begin to dry. Light lipstick should be applied instead of dark color lipstick. The use of the dark color lip line should also be avoided. Instead, lip-gloss should be used instead.
Attention to Colors: If using a white pink color on the cheeks, you should not use anything on the lips. If something special has been done to the eye, the other thing is to leave it simple.
Foundation Cover: If there is a stain on the face, the foundation should be covered. However, using more foundation than required, the wrinkle of the face appears. Moisturizer should be used before applying foundation. From this, the foundation sits on a complete face.
Eye Dullness: Colorful length can be used to maintain eye brightness. Mascara should be applied to the eyes. Eyeliner also makes the eyes beautiful. It is best to choose brown or black color eyeliner. If the eyebrows are thin, they can be appropriated with black eyebrow pencils.