Exercise regimen for facial skin and physical fitness

Sanjaya Nepal
Beauty has become a human need. Especially the makeup of women is beginning to understand the meaning of beauty. Here are some of the women who make their body attractive.
What is beauty called makeup or intellect? The common understanding is that beauty is called beauty by decoration. In Nepal, beauty parlor shops have become increasingly popular in recent years.
Some youths enjoy the beauty of the eyelashes and the color of the lips by wearing lipstick. Some young people have adopted special diet and exercise regimen for facial skin and physical fitness.
Where beautiful forms are made. It is used to make various parts of the body from the hair to the artistic. Hansom parlors for men have also been established. In the rain and in the winter, there is nothing wrong with the people to make their bodies beautiful. In the morning, most people have done a lot of work, from drinking lukewarm water to eating cashew nuts and sleeping in the evening.

Sunscreen is also one of the most beautiful things to look at. Nepali women are using green coriander juice with two to four drops of beer and three to five drops of beer juice in the face, saying that the sesame seeds will be less. Semen and yogurt are applied to the ink face. Those who believe that the face is clean. Cook one tablespoon of milk with two tablespoons of whiskey spice in half and add it. Women want their faces to always be shiny.
Not only women here but men are leading in this regard. It is widely known that paper lightens the skin and helps to keep the skin deep and removes facial scars. It is also a home remedy. Not only that, the juice of pepper and cucumber is mixed in the juice of the paper to make the face white and shiny. Redundancy is another unique home remedy. Mixing raw milk in the face and applying it to your face will make your face shine in a few days. Besan is a natural and effective face pack. When sandalwood is made by grinding or paste, applying it slowly on the skin is also beautiful. The beauty here is to think of home remedies from the market.
The trend of daily intake of foods containing more green vegetables, fruits, peanuts, cashew nuts, sugarcane and almonds is increasing. What made the body look beautiful and young. Green tea, sugar-free foods are also abundant.
Young people are starting to think that alcoholic beverages like cold drinkers, wine, and skin are the cause of the skin. Smoking affects not only the respiration but also the face. For this, smoking is harmful in itself.
Exercising at least 30 minutes in the morning is another way to be beautiful. Drinking 3 to 4 liters of water daily is also one of many ways.
Not only is food meant to preserve beauty, young people are now giving special priority to bedtime. Sleeping is also affecting beauty. The risk of pimples on the face is similar to falling asleep. A soft skylight protects the pimples from coming in the face.