know how to take care of skin according to age, old age will not be reflected before time

Sanjaya Nepal
Every girl likes to do makeup, look beautiful. But they do not even know about the skin damage caused by it. This is because at the age of 20, the skin is very young and all these chemical products have less effect on the skin. But it is here that the careless people later become premature wrinkles and black spots due to which the untimely old age starts appearing on the face. If you do not want to face any such problem related to skin, then know how to take care of skin according to age.

Ages between 20 and 30:
The skin of girls up to 20 years is very delicate and gentle. They also require special care but most girls show carelessness in taking care of skin at this age. However, between 20 and 30 years of age, they should take special care of their skin. Like removing makeup before bed at night, as well as take care of skin cleansing and toning. If possible, get the facials done by the rule as well. Many women become mothers by the age of thirty, so they should try to get rid of skin problems during pregnancy. As such, dark spots start appearing on the face at this time and sunscreen should be used to avoid and protect the skin from dryness.
30 to 40 years old:
After the age of 30, women should take special care of the skin. From the same time, due to proper care, wrinkles and wrinkles visible on the face can be avoided. Do scrub for this. By doing this, dead skin cells are eliminated. Also, you can use masks, etc. By the age of 40, the skin around the eyes starts to loosen. To overcome this, definitely use under eye mask at night.
40 years to 50 and 60:
Even at this age, it is necessary to take special care of your skin. Untimely looking old age can be avoided if regular facial care is taken. After coming of age, massage with light hands on face. So that the face can be nourished. Also take care with a mask and scrubbing. Because after 40 age marks start appearing on the face but with the right care they can be reduced.